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Quan Yin Guided Meditation

Gammadian has used Guided Dreaming to change the perception of workshop participants and clients for many years. At a workshop in Colombia S. America he was excited to work with musicians that deeply resonated with the intent of this work. He decided to record with them and make these recordings available.

Gammadian has exploited the gift of moving perception. His voice and words in concert with the music, are a perfect vehicle to guide others to explore new and beneficial states of awareness beyond the confines of the everyday world.

Whichever recording you choose, they are deeply calming, healing and empowering. They have been enjoyed by consummate dreamers and meditators. Particularly though they open up the world of dreams and inner silence, that hold such power, to newcomers to these arts. The guided dreams use relaxation techniques learned from Yogis in the Himalayas.

The Quan Yin guided dreaming has a deeply healing intent. Gammadian worked with a female shaman seer named Jeru Arju from Bali, who embodies Quan Yin the goddess of compassion. They told him that he was a natural healer able to resonate with Quan Yin and empowered him to use this connection in his healing. The recording reflects a series of meetings both in Bali and dream worlds with this energy.

Length: 48:58

Music: Maria Lucia Luna and Carlos Rodrigo Vanegas-Dajer
Sound Engineer: Diego Arenas

Here's what others are saying about this product:

''Thank you for these beautiful meditations. Gammadian, you have a true gift for dreaming! Your voice is very clear, deep and loving, and I love the feeling of relaxing onto my energy body. I felt so energized afterwards!''
Aerin Alexander, LA, USA.

"Thanks Ena and Gammadian, The techniques are well guided, have a nice flow and are effective. The Quan Yin audio is simple, clear and easy to grasp. It provides one with a firm base for the spirit to fly free - the grounding required to explore distant realms." - Lydia Desai and Rebecca Desai, Musetude Trust, Australia.


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