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BetWithMe - The Idea

Imagine being able to double your money every day, or maybe even twice a day...

A man asked “Malesela...You have worked so hard!... Would you rather I give you a R1
000 000 right now in cash... or would you rather I put aside R50 for you today and
double it every day till end of month, and then pay you then?”

I say put aside R50 today, double it every day, and then pay me the end figure at the end of the month!

That’s R53 687 091 200 come month end, that is 53 Billion and a few 100 Million...

Ladies and Gentlemen... that is the Idea. We will be investing a small amount [R20-R100], and
then double it every day, and in 3 weeks, you will be sitting with at least 5000 in your betting
account available for withdrawal...

The Match selection process is the 1st and foundational phase of our strategy. When this 1st
step is done right, you are most likely to win and achieve your 5000 in 3 weeks target. We will
be selecting matches from particular leagues, focused on those matches only and only those
matches. These matches will provide us with winning opportunities, 90% of the time, leaving
the other 10% to the inevitable of taking a loss every once in a while.

Our match selection process will include selecting matches only those particular leagues and betting on specific betting markets [betting options – example: total goals] and growing confidence and getting
validation on our selections by studying the team's previous statistical records.

Our match selection done right, and a ticket with obvious to pan out betting options... A winner all the time!

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