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Heal Heavy Bleeding Holistically

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Why Would You Choose to Resolve Heavy Bleeding Holistically?

Heavy bleeding, or Menorrhagia, is a very common challenge. It can cause anemia, and is highly energy depleting, causing loss of valuable time at work, with loved ones, and in other activities. In the following pages I first share how heavy bleeding is defined, possible causes, symptoms experienced, through a reductive approach to medicine. I then share holistic solutions including; dietary and lifestyle adjustments, effective herbal formulas, treatment recommendations, and other resources. 

What You Need to Know About Healing Heavy Bleeding

How Will You Resolve Heavy Bleeding With My Guidance?

What Results Can You Expect by Implementing These Recommendations?

You will also be able to download instructions on how to do several of the suggestions shared within the book itself. As these suggestions are implemented in your life, you will begin to notice that your menstruation begins to be less and less problematic over a few months time.

21 pages, plus additional pdf's.
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