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The magical healing rays: the ultimate guide to heal yourself and your loved ones using universal energy

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Welcome to the magical world of healing rays!

Along with this book, we will hear globally, about fewer migraines, bone aches, muscles or joints, and the human spine will be healthier and straighter. I am convinced that, along with many other books, my book will contribute to the success of the current energy medicine revolution.

In addition to many other novelties, the book presents a meditative exercise to unite the mind with the heart and the solar plexus, an exercise within the reach of anyone who wants to attract the magical healing rays and use them for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.

It is important to tell you from the outset, that the attraction and practical use of the magical healing rays does not involve any kind of tuning or initiation ritual from other people or masters of the various therapeutic arts, as it does not involve the use or visualization of any symbols. None of this! It will only be you with your inner power, the healer within you that you will be able to release with the attraction of these wonderful rays.

In the second part of the book, I have prepared a self-treatment protocol (21 treatment positions), which is also valid as an alternative treatment scheme for other people, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a optimal condition in terms of physical health and mental-emotional balance.

Last but not least, the book also has an important motivational component, supporting the idea that in any situation, confidence that lies within ourselves, in our intuitive mind and in our physical bodies must be unleashed and strengthened. We must have the courage to study further and detach ourselves from the limiting beliefs imposed by ourselves or by society on achieving a harmonious and happy life.

Questions like “who am I?”, “where do I come from?” and “where am I going?” will be practically non-existent, and the individual consciousness, driven by the intuitive mind, passed through the sensation of the heart and fixed balanced in the solar plexus, will again sing a perfect mantra that will be heard clearly throughout the Universe: “I am !” So, work with magical rays and use them even when they seem to be of no use! You will thank yourself that you had the inspiration to read this book, your dear ones will thank you! Write about the results recorded by you or your patients. The generations that come after us will surely thank you for adding to our day-to-day efforts to save them from the suffering we have experienced. Last but not least, thank you for having the courage to move this gift that has been, is and will always be present with us and for us: the gift of magical healing rays!

I will guide you step by step through the magical world of healing rays and I will show you some essential energy techniques for relaxation, personal transformation, physical and emotional healing, remodelling and body maintenance, techniques that you can use towards your own or your loved ones' benefit, both for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. Are you following me? Please come, I invite you dearly! Let's start!
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