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Lies Of Need

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Are you willing to be the source of everything? When you are not you create need and lack. This call series will bring to your awareness just how many manufactured need there is in this reality and will assist you in being able to choose something greater. Call One: Undo co-dependancy programs created by your relationship to your parents as a young child. Clear where you are making fitting into your family more valuable than being you Clear the hidden needs you have of others that are stopping you acknolwedging you. Stop making choices based upon other peoples wants and needs of you. Undo where you are excluding yourself from your life or needing other people to exclude you. Break free of the gaslighting and brainwashing that others have done to you to get you to be the fulfiller of their need. Clear the lies that get you to become the prey to narcissistic people. Call Two: Clear the needs to fit in or be normal and start celebrating the difference that you be. Undo your need for safety and security that stops you just diving into possibilities. Clear your need to be in control based on where you have been under other people's control. Outcreate anyone's need to fight you, stop into your ability to manipulate people into greater. End self abuse by stepping into your potency beyond need Clear your need to hide to avoid abuse. Call Three: Undo your needs for survival and start creating more money to thrive. Clear your fears of losing people Undo the beliefs that make your subserviant to other people's will Let go of your need to be right and start being free to choose greater. Break out of heirchary structures of superiority and inferiority. Start being everything you are beyond other people's limited existance.
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