The Human Condition (a short story)

by Keith B. Darrell

All good stories are about The Human Condition. They explore the emotions and behaviors of the characters and the ongoing manner in which humans react to, or cope with, events that affect their lives. Who the characters are as individuals and how they interact with others, reveal the human condition, allowing us to see, if not ourselves, then at least some of our emotions, characteristics, traits, attitudes, and behaviors that define us as individual and shape our destinies.

Lacy is a bright girl with a bad addiction she's had since childhood: his name is Johnny. He's part hustler, part small-time hood, and arrogant and cocky enough to take Lacy's devotion for granted. But when Johnny swims with the big fish, he learns he's a minnow in shark-infested waters. Sharks like Fat Freddy, who revels in the fear he inspires as recompense for a childhood filled with humiliation. Watch these three flawed characters interact as they reveal "The Human Condition". A short story for mature readers by Keith B. Darrell. 3,521 words.

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