T2M - Talk2 Myself e-photobook 2016

by J-Yau

T2M - Talk2 Myself e-photobook

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T2M - Talk2 Myself 自言自语(英文,全见版)
Talk 2 Myself is a mini e-photobook featuring photos captured by Waynn Low and Casey Gooi from a 2 days 1 night photoshoot trip at Serendah rainforest. HMUA by Casey Gooi too.

Photos resolution range from 72 DPI to 300 DPI
But the e-photobook exported in 240 DPI resolution
PDF file format, 447MB
162 pages including front and back covers
Price adjusted due to some photos are slightly blur and is a medium resolution.
(Download attempt limit : 3 times only)

”T2M - Talk2 Myself 自言自语“ 是一本迷你电子写真书,由Waynn Low 和Casey Gooi 一起去Sekeping Serendah 两天一夜树林里合作拍摄出来的作品。Casey Gooi是一位化妆师,发型师,而摄影也是他的兴趣。Waynn Low是一位摄影师,而艺术也是他的兴趣。也要谢谢 Zed Goh 和 Isabella Ching助理。

240 DPI Resolution 解析度
PDF文件格式 , 447MB

You have been informed & warned before purchasing this e-photobook about :

*This e-photobook contains nude photos. 这本书含有全裸照
*This e-photobook is only allowed to viewers & buyers who are 18 years old & above.
*Viewer discretion is advised. Buying this e-photobook meaning you understand and wish to continue.
*We are not responsible to any issues if you are found purchasing the e-photobook at age below 18.
*This is a softcopy e-photobook which is not refundable after purchasing and viewing the e-photobook.

You will get a PDF (426MB) file.

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$ 7.15

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