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6 Herbal tampons, applicator and 20 herbal pads

Yoni Pearls: the Good, the Bad and the Smelly


Womb detox pearls go by many different names including Yoni Pearls, Herbal Tampons and Vaginal Pearl and they are usually manufactured in many countries such as China and India.

Everybody has their own brands and not everybody sells the authentic ones, It is VERY wise that you know who you are getting your herbal tampons  from and have a open line of communication +They are sold under many different brand names so it is likely HOWEVER be careful of buying the fake ones.

The pearls are used by many women to cleanse their womb and to try to restore the vagina's ability back to normal. The pearls are believed to cure fungal vaginal infections, PCOS, fibroids, bad odor and endometriosis. Some women have also reported that the pearls tightened their vaginas. 


Composition of Yoni pearls and how to use


Manufacturers claim that the pearls are made with potent herbs that have a strong ability to cure ailments of the female reproductive system. Many of the pearls are said to have pharmaceutical grade rhizoma, osthol and borneol. They advise that three of the pearls should be inserted at a time and placed close to your cervix. Healing of the vagina takes three days to complete. They also allege that for some ailments, several doses must be taken without missing a cycle.... Please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to access that if needed.  Some manufacturers also advise womb detoxers to drink adequate water, avoid unhealthy foods especially sugary foods and consume smoothies and salads, to aid the effectiveness of the Yoni pearls. For more details, one can find a review or tutorial online on how to properly use Yoni pearls.... Be sure to check our videos out soon as werew updating our website weekly. 


Why it's not advisable to use Womb Detox Pearls


Many of us have heard  physicians state that the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven and can clean itself through the use of vaginal discharge and therefore does not require a 'detox' it Douches bc  Your vagina contains good bacteria, which are there to protect it. If these "good" bacteria are killed off it can lead to many different infections including bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis and yeast infections. There are no current studies proving or disproving their efficacy so it is ultimately up to you whether or not you want to try them. If you do decide to try them make sure to stock up on pads (See our pads selection)  and period panties as it is to be expected for the vagina to dispel a lot of discharge during and after your "womb detox". Period underwear are specially designed to hold your pad in place so that you don't stain your clothes.

 We offer a few different products for you to choose .

Many women who try Yoni pearls do so because they are concerned about how their vagina smells. If you have these concerns about your own body and feel that your vagina smells different than your normal scent then it's advisable that you visit your Gynecologist tt Receive a diagnosis and then make a decision... Tbt.... Your physican is only going to prescribe flagyl or another med that has side effects.  If your specialist finds anything out of the norm they can then prescribe you medication that can address the underlying issue. Also be sure to eat properly since you diet can have a major influence on your reproductive health.

Did you know the pads and tampons we were taught to use has mechanisms in them that causes cancer?


Of course, you don’t just get cancer right away. But you’re using pads every month and though there are only low levels of exposure to chemical contaminants found in the materials of such pads.
They would accumulate inside our bodies and threaten our reproductive health. Just the thought of having these cancerous chemicals on our vagina is sickening and scary.


Your pads are made of plastic materials. Some chemicals that are made to plastic like BPA and BPS can complicate embryonic development. The plasticizers can actually lead to organ damage.

The fiber in the absorbent pads that you use can cause cervical cancer. Sanitary pads are not purely made of cotton but they’re made of cellulose gel.

The dioxin present in the menstrual pads can cause ovarian cancer.

Napkins are made to absorb wetness. That is why aside from cotton, they also contain rayon, a synthetic fiber, which is also dangerous because they also contain dioxin. Basically, when rayon is bleached, it releases dioxin.

2. They contain pesticides and herbicides

We all know pads are made of cotton. Like other crops, cotton crops are being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that can definitely cause harm when they reach your bloodstream.

Furan, a potentially dangerous chemical, is present on the cotton and will stay until it’s harvested.
Imagine having this chemical contaminant inside your body. Furan is even linked to cancer in some experimental animals.

Herbicides and pesticides are linked to thyroid malfunction, infertility and other health problems.

3. They contain dioxin, an environmental pollutant

Cotton is not naturally ultra – white. Because most girls prefer something that is purely white to make them feel they’re putting on something fresh and clean, sanitary pad companies use a chemical called dioxin to bleach the cotton.

Unconsciously, we are paying a very high price for being neat freaks. Such companies may argue that the pads contain very low levels of dioxin.

Based on research, a short-term exposure to dioxin can cause skin darkening and altered liver function.
A woman might be using 6,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime and when dioxin accumulates in the body it can cause serious health risks and diseases such as immune system damage, diabetes, hormone dysfunction, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer and others.

4. They can cause infertility and birth defects

Your pads contain odor neutralizers or deodorants because every woman hates the smell of blood. It’s understandable.

However, sanitary pad companies added some chemicals in the scented pads that can cause complications on your baby’s embryonic development.

Also, it is not recommended to use scented feminine hygiene products because they can cause irritation.
They can cause yeast infection which can lead to other health complications.

5. They are prone to bacterial growth and other infections

Prolonged use of sanitary pads in a day means an overgrowth of staphylococcus aureus bacteria in your vagina.

It’s commonly called as toxic shock syndrome. Some symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are dizziness, fever and diarrhea.

The toxins released by the bacteria can actually cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure which is dangerous because the brain fails to get enough supply of blood.

Your pads are made of synthetic materials which can cause blockage of wetness, which encourage bacterial growth.

This is one of the reasons why some women experience severe allergies and yeast infections.
Some women may think it’s normal to have allergies and itchiness, which is a misconception.

Being a woman is not just about having your monthly period, being beautiful with your makeup on or having a vagina.

Being a woman means being mature enough to take control of your body and taking care of your reproductive health.

 Feel free to call Ms .rich Richardson at 904-434-9740 with your questions.

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