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Raped By The Ghost

Trapped between worlds for eternity, Richard grew more despondent through the ages. Chained to his old mansion, old vices threatened to overwhelm him.

Fate cast him a bone. A virgin summoned him and found herself trapped with a ghost who was serving an eternity for raping young women.

Will she fall victim to his ectoplasmic lust and become his latest conquest, or will she somehow escape her fate.


I shook my ghostly head in puzzlement at the strange sight. She was a very beautiful woman and the old gnawing hunger rose within my soul.

"Hello? Richard?" Her voice was soft like silk cloth caressing a cheek.

That's my name! How did she know that?!

"Yes. Who are you? Why are you here?" I was curious as to why I could see her. It had to be the device.

"I'm from what you would consider your future and with this device I can see you and we can converse. My names Anna May."

I stepped forward, placing my ghostly hands on something solid. It was like I had entered life again.

Without thinking about what I was doing, I brought my lips down on hers, tasting their honey sweetness and her warmth. How many times had I dreamed of feeling a woman's vibrant body again?

"Wait! I want to ask you some questions. Stop!" Anna May pulled away, her eyes wide with fear.

In her haste to get away, she banged into the coffee table and the device flew through the air, vanishing into the nether.

"No! I'm trapped here with you for all eternity!" She wailed her disappointment, wringing her hands.

I couldn't care less. Grabbing her, I pulled her toward me. Her flimsy shirt ripped away, revealing her slender, toned body with some fabric around her large breasts.

God! I loved women! I'd take them whenever I could. It was a man's right to please himself with any woman he desired.

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