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The Sex Between - PDF

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By Randy Salem
(Lesbian Stories, Pulp Novels)
Published by She Winked Press (ISBN: 978-1-936456-27-7)

Lee is a Romeo, a heart-breaker… a butch woman with many conquests under her belt.  She pursues other women with abandon and has lesbian lovers all over town. Her only problem?  No matter who she is with, she can’t stop thinking of Maggie.  They have known each other all their lives.  Maggie is sweet on Lee, too.  Her only problem?  The matriarch of her family, Kate, has decided Maggie must marry in order to produce an heir to the family fortune.  Lee knows she has fallen in love with Maggie, but the thought of giving up her freewheeling ways frightens her.  Will Lee admit her feelings for Maggie in time to stop the wedding?  Will Maggie defy her grandmother and give up a fortune for a chance at love and happiness with Lee?


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