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Plague Unleashed

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Isis Black, Death’s North American Intern, is not prepared for her next challenge: the walking dead.

After eight months as Death’s North American Intern, Isis Black is finally comfortable seeing dead people, used to talking to them, and even happy to help Death carry their souls to the afterlife. But nothing in her intense training ever covered how to deal with the walking dead.

With zombie-like people walking the streets of Texarkana, the stakes are higher than ever. Especially since it’s up to Isis and her team—a talking cat and a boy genius—to find the person responsible for spreading this plague. 

The pressure is on as Isis rushes to stop the virus before it spreads across the city and the country, infecting every living person. If the victims are killed in this state, their soul will disappear forever—a fate worse than death.

***Book 2 in the Intern Diaries Series. This is a stand-alone novel, or it can be read in sequence.
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