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Let Us Help Your New Business Be A Success

Written For SME Businesses

No corporate BS, no fluff, no nonsense, no complicated flow charts and no Venn diagrams! Everything in this course is written by experienced business owners to ensure your success.


We focus on what really matters to a new business, like getting your head screwed on in relation to money, looking after your finances and getting your first 50 sales.


We'll tell you the way it is, not feed you the same nonsense "business gurus" will tell you, like the customer is always right and you need every customer you can get.

Getting It Wrong Is Expensive ...

And I Should Know ...

I got it wrong with my first business and ended up owing nearly £50k, which took me nearly 10 years to pay off and cost me a fortune in higher mortgage repayments due to my poor credit rating.

Please ... learn from my mistakes. With this course, you won't be making dumb mistakes.

It Will Still Be Hard Work ...

Starting a business isn’t easy … and it shouldn’t be either.

If making bucket loads of money was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But it’s not easy and it's extremely risky too, so we are here to help ensure you make a success of your business.

In this course we will cover everything you need to know to make your business a real success, from the basics of sales and marketing, to finances, to the most important element of your business – pricing for profit.

Take The Help That's Offered ...

This course covers everything we wished we had known when we started out in business all those years ago, and we cover it in our usual no messing about, no myths, no BS and jargon free way.

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The Business Super Heroes Say …

If I had this course when I started out in business in the early noughties I wouldn’t have had to ensure the humiliation and heartache of taking my business through insolvency within just a few years of opening my business. I seriously wish I had this course to steer me right. Please don’t make the mistakes I made, which left me with nearly a decade of debts.

Let this course be your guide to avoid heartache.

Paul Baker

Business Super Heroes


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