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Zeke & Jules situationship continues in Somebody's Forever.

Will they find happily-ever-after, or was it fun while it lasted?

After a tumultuous divorce, Dr. Jemma Holiday simply wanted a fresh start... with Dr. Ezekiel Green.

Living in the small college town of Monroe City, Jemma was reluctant to go public with the new relationship,

while Ezekiel was ready to share the love for his beautiful Jules with the world.

Jemma wanted to be somebody's girlfriend. She wanted a man she could love with no shame. But was Jules moving too fast with the good doctor Zeke or was this whirlwind love affair right on time?

Ezekiel wanted to be somebody's forever, to love every beautiful flaw, every imperfection of a woman. Zeke wanted to be Jemma's forever.

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3 months ago


I listened to the audio version of Somebody’s Wife and was hoping and praying for another book to conclude Zeek & Jemma’s story. I could not get these two characters off my mind. Low and behold I find the book Somebody’s forever I read every word thank you Robbi Renee for giving use this magnificent story. I hope it’s done in audio soon

D. Andrea

Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Forever Zeke and Jules

This story was wholly fulfilling. Although there was some derailment in Zeke and Jemma’s happily ever after, the circumstances surrounding it were natural concerning divorce and moving on. Just as life goes, they moved beyond it all. Everyone grew and matured individually, even Quinton, which was a delight to see. And of course, we got a good healthy helping of the good doctor Z in between. These characters will forever be ingrained in my mind and my heart! I can’t wait for what more is store from these Monroe City residents.

Nandi Marshall

Verified Buyer

6 months ago

All the feels!

This highly anticipated follow up to Zeke & Jules’ romance was EVERYTHING!!! This book just felt right. Their love is healing and damn good! I laughed, swooned, and cried! The ending made my heart smile and their journey is one that I will re-read over and over. Kudos Robbi Renee!!!!!


6 months ago

The ending we needed!

This story took me through! My emotions were just as high as the drama. I am absolutely Team Quaron. Live YOUR life. I appreciated Jules care and concern for her family’s feelings. She recognized that, to her, she’d long accepted the demise of her marriage before the divorce, but to them, this was new. But I wanted her to say that and live, cause baby from her mama to Shiloh—y’all grown. This is why despite my utter disdain for Quinton… he redeemed himself in this book. Zeke is a mighty man! A good man. The MAN of men. When he said Jules IS light, baby take me now! This part two was exactly the wrap up we needed for these two beloved characters. And that ending, Chef’s kiss.


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Love Wins 💓

I love when a book drops before time. Does my heart 😊

I love how this booked picked up with them still in the “honeymoon” stage of their budding relationship and then real life happened like an ice cold bucket of reality.

Jemma had to work through the aftermath of her divorce. Not her emotions but others. She continued to burn herself up to keep others warm and my goodness was I happy when she decided it too much of a task.

Seeing Jemma and Quentin show up for Shiloh was really refreshing to read and I really wish more people could get to a point where that was possible in real life. While I was in no way wanting them back together l was a little sad for him. To fumble something so special is next level stupid.

Zeke, my Zeke. What is there to say? There is something so special about a man that knows what he wants and has no problem expressing it and showing up for you even when it not exactly reciprocated. The patience and understanding he gave her allowed her to see what she was missing. I wish this type of love on us all.

I truly enjoyed this update on my favorite Robbie Renee couple and hopefully we will see updates on them in Quaron or Maxine’s books😉
Speaking them into existence.

I mean we need to know what happens with them as couples as well.

Zeke my Zeke🥰


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Somebody's Forever

Jemma and Zeke
Imagine my surprise as I'm preparing to wind down and prepare for bed when I look at my email and see...
Issa Birthday Early Release!!! I was like Jemma and moved my fingers so fast I thought I caught a cramp in my fingers to get started!

We are not going to talk about how RobbieRenee Jumped Out The Gate With 'The Graduation Quickie' In His EnSuite Bathroom All Willie Nillie Like! I knew then I was in for a treat and not going to sleep until I finished. Trust Me It Did Not Disappoint. From how everyone was impacted by the aftermath of divorce. I loved how Robbi allowed the characters to still be a bit flawed while Jemma and Zeke found their way through the Maze of Life searching for their Forever! How Shiloh and Quinton and Jemma's parents reacted was very heartfelt and so very real. Let's not leave out how much their relatives(Ezra/Myron) and friends(Maxie/Quaton) stayed all up in their business providing sage advice and tough love too. I am glad they showed the United Front Q and Jemma had regarding Shiloh well being even when it was tough to accept her anger towards them both. I don't think RobbieRenee left any stone unturned and allowed us love the Good, Bad and Even Indifferent of this dope love story. She also didn't skimp on the Naughty (Nasty) Yet Very Tastefully Presented Sex Scenes Either And Left The Door Open For More To Come With This Group Of Professionals! All Things Considered I Was Glad To Not Get Sleep Until After 3am having stayed up to see how this All Played Out! RobbieRenee Did The Dang Thang Yet Again Still Got Me In A Jemma/Zeke Chokehold As I Look At ReReading This Masterpiece Again To Be Sure I Didn't Miss A Thing Plus Desiring To Hear Wesleigh Siobhan and Jakobi Diem Give Us Their Spin On This Dope Book!
A Must Read....Go Ahead And Get It While You Have Some Down Time On Memorial Day! Bring On Quaron and Ezra Story!!!!!!!