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You Struggle With Your Business and Your Life Because You Either Don’t Know What’s In This Guide or You Are Not Applying It.

This Is A Fascinating Business!

Dedicated to those who refuse to live on other’s terms... those who refuse to forfeit their lives to other’s minds...

This is for you...

This Is A Fascinating Business!


A guide to rapidly understand and create an Automated Passive Income eXperience.

This Guide is A Ridiculously Short Preamble And That Is Important.

Because Context Matters…

And we like speed and clarity without the fluff.

Our guarantee to you is that this guide will not be any longer than 50 pages.

You might think that’s a ridiculous goal to aim for.

But in a world where your attention is being auctioned off to every bidder on the internet, and nearly every corporation known to exist. 

It matters to give you something quick and precise, that will GUIDE you.

When you finish this guide we want you to say,

"It's like someone gave me the key to the kingdom of freedom."

  • It's called making it on your own terms. 
  • It's called living life as you want to not as they tell you to. 
  • It's how you free yourself day to day.  

Here’s our guarantee:

  • This guide will be no longer than 50 pages.
  • We have a Zero Refund Policy
  • Also, we don’t take emails. ( See note at the bottom )
  • You will have a rapid acceleration of knowledge.
  • You may free up 1000’s of hours in wasted effort over the next 3 years in everything you do.
  • You will stick to the process and see it through over the next 9 months otherwise don’t purchase this.
  • Chosen ignorance and simplicity are powerful in this realm.
  • The lazier you are the more success you will see when it comes to creating an automated passive income experience. ( We’ll explain fully how laziness is a virtue. )
  • You are going to step over a bridge tothe best of this industry. ( That’s not us by the way, it’s why we made this guide. We turn to the experts, the best of the best for their wisdom and that’s what we call wisdom 101. )

Finally if you follow this guide into the wonderland you will find yourself with more freedom, better health, and greater wealth.

One caveat: You have to take action and actually do it.

And that's the part that a lot of people don’t like.


You aren’t those people.

To being of service and to living life own your own terms,

Emeric Damian

P.S.  Do you need a kick in the toosh, a push off the edge, a truth pill to ingest... This really puts it in perspective don't you think?

P.P.S. When you buy the guide right now, it guarantees you a rare opportunity to join The Guardian and The Guru at the founders price.


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