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Now for the very first time in eBook, the seminal study by Georg Brandes that first introduced Friedrich Nietzsche to the world - including correspondence, an introductory essay, annotations, portraits and more.

"He had a more penetrating knowledge of himself than any man who ever lived, or is ever likely to live." Sigmund Freud

A Major Discovery: Living Time Digital is pleased to present to you the work which first made known the genius of Friedrich Nietzsche to a wider European public. The lectures given by Georg Brandes in 1888 were the first to treat of the life and works of this philosopher, and if it had not been for his early initiative it is hard to say whether it would not have taken years longer for Nietzsche's writings to find their place in literature. The volume includes the complete text of the 1889 'Essay on Aristocratic Radicalism' (based largely on his lecture course of 1888), in addition to the complete Nietzsche-Brandes correspondence and two essays by Brandes written after Nietzsche's death in 1900. This volume presents the full text of the 1909 edition of Brandes's work. - It is perhaps the ideal introduction to the life and work of Friedrich Nietzsche, as it allows the reader to appreciate his great impact and originality at the time that he was writing.

Contents of Brades's Study: The Stages and Sections of Brandes's work are as follows:
I. An Essay on Aristocratic Radicalism 1. [Philistines and Culture] 2. [Uses and Disadvantages of History] 3. [Beyond Good and Evil] 4. [The Will to Power] 5. [Thus spake Zarathustra] 6. [The Wanderer and his Shadow]
II. December 1889 [Correspondence] - complete exchange of letters between Nietzsche & Brandes.
III. August 1900 [In Memoriam] - Written after Nietzsche's Death.
IV. 1909 [Ecce Homo] - Written after release of Nietzsche's autobiography.

Features of this Edition: Editor's Note on Nietzsche's Life and Work; Biographical Note on the author of the work, Georg Brandes. Annotations by Georg Brandes, Linguistic Annotations; Bibliographies of Nietzsche & Brandes; Essay by Prof. H. Höffding, entitled 'Friedrich Nietzsche'; plus multiple Portraits.

An Extract from this work: "It sometimes happens that the death of a great individual recalls a half-forgotten name to our memory, and we then disinter for a brief moment the circumstances, events, writings or achievements which gave that name its renown. Although Friedrich Nietzsche in his silent madness had survived himself for eleven and a half years, there is no need at his death to resuscitate his works or his fame. For during those very years in which he lived on in the night of insanity, his name has acquired a lustre unsurpassed by any contemporary reputation, and his works have been translated into every language and are known all over the world.
To the older among us, who have followed Nietzsche from the time of his arduous and embittered struggle against the total indifference of the reading world, this prodigiously rapid attainment of the most absolute and world-wide renown has in it something in the highest degree surprising. No one in our time has experienced anything like it. In the course of five or six years Nietzsche's intellectual tendency - now more or less understood, now misunderstood, now involuntarily caricatured - became the ruling tendency of a great part of the literature of France, Germany, England, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Note, for example, the influence of this spirit on Gabriele d'Annunzio. To all that was tragic in Nietzsche's life was added this - that, after thirsting for recognition to the point of morbidity, he attained it in an altogether fantastic degree when, though still living, he was shut out from life. But certain it is that in the decade 1890-1900 no one engaged and impressed the minds of his contemporaries as did this son of a North German clergyman, who tried so hard to be taken for a Polish nobleman, and whose pride it was that his works were conceived in French, though written in German".

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