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Journaling For Wellbeing E-Book

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Call it 'feeling better in a nutshell'.

We've all been through a pandemic and would love to offload everything that's gone on, I know. And, ta-da! This is where journaling, aka writing down your thoughts comes in.

Journaling is like a private sexy date with yourself, with no one else looking or judging, where you let loose and offload everything on your mind.

It's an instant mood lifter, and has been prescribed as therapy by some medical professionals.

I wrote this e-book for people brand new to journaling, who have no clue how to start - but want to.

And I guarantee it will be a game changer. Journaling is a proven practice to improve how you feel and elevate your life in every aspect.

In this ebook you'll learn through step by step guidance:

1. How to journal properly, so you feel the benefits.

2. How to journal for relaxation and to promote calm within the body.

3. How to journal for goal setting and setting your ideal future. 

4. Gratitude journal practises, to be thankful for what is in your life. 

5. Journaling tips specifically for improved mental health (anxiety, stress etc)

6. Vision board exercises


Over 50 unique journal prompts to get you started, which are sentences you finish off in your own way.

(Instant PDF ebook download)

Who's selling this?

I'm Sophie, a healthcare professional, blogger and well-being coach with a passion to help people with their heads.

I created this e-book as a stand-alone guide to help those who need it.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file