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Food Truck KEC Starter Course

How to conduct proper Food Truck Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Mini Kitchen on Wheels

Food trucks are unique. On one hand you have a vehicle, and on the other, you have a commercial kitchen.

Although most of the NFPA applies to food trucks the same way it does to brick-and-mortar kitchens, there are additional requirements you must know about that are unique to the food truck world in the Houston Area.

Not Just A Cleaning

With food trucks, additional planning needs to go into your cleaning services in order to avoid environmental fines and to ensure your customer is fire safe.

Remember a food truck is the owner's direct livelihood. If not treated properly, you can get yourself and the owner huge fines for pollution and be denied an annual decal if the KEC service is not done correctly.

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Get Started: Food Truck (MFU) Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

This Houston Region specific course is designed to get you out the door to clean food trucks today!

  • Other topics covered:
  • Waste water disposal
  • Common vent hood cleaning issues
  • Choosing a cleaning site

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