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A 30-day Online Coaching program by Sam Choo

One of the simplest ways to sell online without using money is to blog on Facebook.
Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world.
Go where your prospects are. Facebook is where people hang out online. And Facebook is free to use.

However, few people know how to blog on Facebook like a samurai.
The old school method of website blogging doesn't work on social media.

There are two kinds of Facebook bloggers - the rookie and the samurai.

The rookie usually writes very little, infrequent and often share other people's links.
There is very little engagement in terms of likes, comments, or share.
The rookie is not sure about what to post.

The samurai is the opposite of the rookie.
His posts are engaging with lots of likes and comments and sometimes shares.

When the samurai posts an offer, he gets sales most of the time.
He is able to attract new Facebook friends and he knows how to endear himself to the readers.

If you want to make money on Facebook, you must know how to blog effectively.

Learn it from Sam Choo, a veteran full-time Facebook blogger for 10 years who makes a living on Facebook by using the power of words. Sam is the founder of the Singapore Internet Marketers Facebook group which is one of the longest and active online communities for digital marketers in Singapore.

Well-regarded within the internet marketing community, many people have good things to say about him.
Check out what others said about him at

In his 30-day online coaching program, he will share about 100 lessons on the art of blogging.

What you will discover:
* How to attract FB friends
* How to influence people
* How to make sales on Facebook without using ads and without being salesy
* How to raise your brand as a though t\leader

This is probably the most comprehensive course you can ever find on Facebook blogging at the most affordable investment.

You get to do fun work and receive fast feedback on your posts.
You learn best by doing.
You have lifetime access to the private FB group. The lessons will be there permanently so that you can revisit the lessons anytime.
And you can catch up on the lessons at your own pace.

Blogging is the most fundamental skill for any social media entrepreneur.
If you cannot blog, it's hard to make money online. Period.

You are the brand. If you cannot sell yourself, it is hard to sell your service.
Do it right and you will attract prospects, influence people and get sales.

The online world is a very noisy and distracting marketplace.
How do you stand out from the crowd and get attention?

if the competition is a street fight, don't go with just your fist.
Take your sword with you. Wield your sword like a samurai.
Blog like a samurai!


Title of course: Blog like a Samurai

Venue: inside a Facebook group
Investment: SG$97

You can reach Sam Choo at or

You will get a PDF (153KB) file

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