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You're #1 Up your personal safety today and be a more confident and resilient you.

Developed by Brett Williams, a 20 year expert in safety, security and risk, this is the ultimate guide that will set you up for life.

What you'll get

  • Expert insight into what is personal safety actually is and why you want to improve it.
  • Understand risk and how it change your personal safety profile.
  • Key pillars you need to develop to up your personal safety and reduce your risk.

This ebook is for

People who want to enjoy all life has to offer, but fear of personal safety risks is holding them back.

Individuals who are proficient in personal safety learn through life experience, but want to better understand the theory and options they can develop, to put them ahead of the curve. Better decisions. Less life disruptions. Better you.


Score exclusive offers on the App Store personal safety system app, Core Lite.

Access to our online personal safety Master Class, that teaches you about risk management, tips and self defense tactics.

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Click the link, download the eBook and look forward to a better you.

You will get a PDF (36MB) file