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TikTok marketing training course

How To Leverage The TikTok Platform For Profits
Step 1: What is TikTok?
- A short form video app
- Videos can be 15 seconds or 60 seconds
- Over 500 million users worldwide
- It has a young audience
- Generation Z and young Millennials are the main users
- User generated content
- Duet and Hashtag Challenge features
- Special effects for videos
Step 2: Getting Started with TikTok
Step #1: Assess whether TikTok is the right platform for your business
Step #2: Download and install TikTok on your mobile device
Step #3: Create an account
Step #4: Setup your profile and switch it to Pro
Step #5: Start watching other people’s videos and engage
Step #6: Follow other TikTok users
Step 3: Creating Content for TikTok
- Music videos either mini clips or montages
- Funny videos
- Special effects videos
- Duet videos
- Hashtag challenge videos
Plan your videos
- Use the special effects
- Create engaging videos
- Be consistent with posting
Step 4: TikTok Hashtags
Step #1: Use the right hashtags for more exposure and likes
Step #2: Using the right hashtags will help to grow your following
Step #3: Know your audience to identify the best hashtags
Step #4: Check out the hashtags that influencers use in their successful videos
Step #5: Check out the hashtags your competitors use in successful videos
Step #6: Use external tools for hashtag suggestions
Step #7: Use hashtags related to your content
Step #8: Never use misleading hashtags
Step 5: Marketing Strategies for TikTok
Step #1: Create engaging hashtag challenges
Step #2: Create videos ideal for Duets
Step #3: Work with suitable influencers
Step #4: Use scarcity for greater engagement
Step #5: Be authentic with your content
Step #6: Build a community on TikTok
Step #7: Encourage user generated content
Step #8: Promote your TikTok videos on other social channelsStep #1: Check to see if TikTok Ads are available in your country
Step #2: TikTok ads are all short form videos
Step #3: You can use a CPC, CPM or CPV model
Step #4: Brand Takeover ads are front and center when the app is opened
Step #5: Hashtag Challenge ads run for 6 days
Step #6: Branded Lens ads drive high engagement levels
Step #7: In Feed Native Ads blend in seamlessly
Step #8: There are targeting options
Step #9: You can add an external link
Step 7: Inspiring TikTok Use Cases
- The Bailey Bakery has over 4 million followers
- Lawyer Anthony Barbuto has 1.8 million followers
- University of Florida successfully uses the platform
- Lil Nas X created a number one hit using TikTok
- The Lomile Shop has more than 2 million hearts for their videos
- The Washington Post has more than 4 million hearts for their videos
- The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has more than 3 million hearts
Step 8: TikTok Analytics
Step #1: You must use TikTok Analytics to see how well your account is performing
Step #2: Switch to a Pro account first
Step #3: Profile Overview shows profile and video views and total followers
Step #4: Content Insights provides very rich insights for each video
 Total hearts (likes) for the post
 Total comments for the post

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