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One Lovely Morning


One Lovely Morning, the first volume of its series.

The story follows a relatively young man, seemingly living an uninteresting life filled so deeply connected into the digital world other than work. He has a very limited social life outside of the digital world, without a significant other and with a very eccentric relationship with his family and friends.

There is a very dark side to his life.

His dependence on online information, digital apps and technological devices has detached him so far from reality that it took a chance encounter with a beautiful woman for him to 'awaken' and see the world from a different view. 

Daily life for him feels repetitive, his actions are so much similar to that of a self-concious robot - predictive and not-so unique. Everything real feels unreal from the other side of a digital screen, this makes it so hard to distinguish fact from fiction throughout his day-to-day existence. Every single day of his life consists of meaningless activities which he can not live without doing, despite their mundane nature.

Things take a turn, awkwardly at first, but is it for the better?

He meets a beautiful young lady that begins to occupy his daily thoughts so much that technology seems to be more a helpful tool than an essential life-line. He starts to be more reflective of nature and more observant of life in the moment.

His life changes, all events that follow seem to be connected to his encounter with this mysterious lady. Or are they? He has formed an intimate connection with a stranger. Can this really be what he needs to detach from the world of make-believe and become even more connected with nature?

Find out more and let your imagination delve deeper into the story with insert hand-drawn graphics that more-so vividly illustrate this narrative.

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