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Crime Investigation Bureau

Volume 1 the first crime
Chapter one youth struggle
This is an old residential area, built in the 1950s Jiangdong shipyard workers'new village, the room is narrow, climbing vines outside the wall is the road, the city is still asleep at 5:00 a.m., a sleepless night Lu Zhenyu still sitting in front of the computer fighting, he spent three days and nights, and finally will plan. Hurry out.
Half a month ago, Lu Zhenyu had a successful interview and joined the planning department of Yuen Long Advertising Company as an intern. The job was very important to him. He took a step further from the goal of marrying Bai Fumei as a tyrannical president. He lit the key to send the mail. Lu Zhenyu sighed and piled up Coke cans and cigarette butts in front of him. All swept into the trash can, went out to the rooftop rooftop, facing the vast white haze outside the Arm-Shaking shout: "Effort! Struggle! "
At five minutes to nine, Lu Zhenyu appeared downstairs on a shared bicycle in the downtown Pan-Asian Plaza. He was refreshed and red-faced. He walked into the front door of Yuen Long Advertising Company on time. The front desk Xu Xiaohui smiled at him and stuffed a bag of breakfast. He whispered, "Eat it in the tea room, don't let the leader eat it." See. "

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