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YPL Meditation & Mindset Club

Feel in control of your mind and in control of your week with these weekly online classes. Find your calm happy place and connect during the live or catch up later.

I will be running a minimum of 10 meditation and positive mindset online classes over the month, including each week on Mondays & Wednesdays and sometimes I will add in some more. You will be added to an exclusive Facebook group which will give you unlimited access to  all the classes, mindset & well-being posts. In addition to this you will also benefit from free online courses and downloadable guided meditations.  

The classes will be a lovely mix of meditation and promoting positive mindset through use of affirmations, some law of attraction techniques and a little self discovery.   Each class will have a different purpose with different meditations and activities each week.

I am Jane, a holistic healing & wellbeing practitioner with many years exprience of using meditation as a tool to calm and control my mind, to be in tune wth my body and to work intuatively. Meditation is a mindful practice which is proven to have positive health benefits on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. These classes are suitable for all levels and ages, the private group provides you with a safe space to connect with other likeminded people and to enjoy the sessions at a time which suits your lifestyle.

There are already sessions recorded within the group, 1 beginners course added and a further free guided mediation and more to be added as they available. I do hope you can join me, if you require any more details or wish to chat, please do message me trough my facebook or insta pages 'Your Positive Life' or contact me on 07724405688. xx

Meditation & Positive Mindset Club

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