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Donkey Bitless Bridle for Driving or Riding (Member Exclusive)


PLEASE READ though before purchasing! For now this is a Member exclusive. Only members of The Donkey Training group on patreon order please.

You must get me measurements for your donkey within 24 hours.

This bridle is available with the complete custom made Working Donkey Harness if you are buying for a future driving donkey.

What makes it the perfect Bitless Donkey Bridle?

  • Made of wonderful maintenance free biothane!!!! Just wipe and go.. no oiling or molding worries like with leather. Much more durable too.
  • Chin strap is heavy duty nylon. So its flexible and gives a clear signal to the donkey without pain.
  • Clip at the poll so the donkeys ears are NEVER folded and squished!
  • As a driving bridle, its open, no blinkers or blinders. I've found that donkeys do better when they can see around them.

How to measure for my custom bitless donkey bridle: Measure for Bitless Bridle

It can take up to 6 weeks to get your custom donkey bridle back depending on the number of orders I have and time of year. If you need to know a more exact date, email me first.