One month of Sketchies - starting with Set #7

by World of Magnifica

Sketchies are small postcard size stream-of-consciousness sketches that I make in order to shut down my inner critic (that is just after waking up or before going to bed, and sometimes during the day for switching off). They're very much like freewriting exercises - mindfully-mindless experiments without limiting myself to a certain topic, technique or style. See this short video:

About Set #7:  Lately I've been playing around with combinations of greyscale and lines; one of these Sketchies - the swirl - is included here, another one is up on the website as the August freebie (the link is further down). For contrast I chose a doodle-tangle-style drawing for the second Sketchie. I was very tempted to add some shading here, too, like for my greyscale doodles, but then I thought there are quite a few ways of doing that, and so I rather leave the shading up to your preferences and imagination. :)

What you can do with Sketchies

  • Liberate your Creative Self by expanding your comfort zone, that is by trying something new and different, and without worrying about perfection...just like I do by drawing them - there's nothing that can go wrong. :)
  • Greeting cards
  • Frame them, for yourself or as gifts
  • Colouring on the go
  • As prompts, patterns or templates for other crafts

For links to the current three-months subscription (which includes the Loose Leaves collection as a bonus), the Loose Leaves on their own, coloured examples, freebies and more about Sketchies please see on World of Magnifica

Right away, you get the current Set #7 as JPG image files, suitable for printing and digital colouring. Like with photos, you can adjust the brightness of the greyscale sketchies according to your taste, which would not be easy to do if they were PDF format.

Then as soon as the following 2 sets are published (publishing dates are the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month) you'll receive an email with the download link. Altogether you get 6 Sketchies with this one-month subscription.

Image size: Each Sketchy is 4" x 5.5" (about 10cm x 14cm) when printed at 100% and 300dpi resolution.

PS: I'd love to see what you do with these designs! If you are on facebook, you're very welcome to guest-post on the World of Magnifica page so I can share your work as an inspiration for others!

You will get the following files:

  • JPG (1MB)
  • JPG (1MB)

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