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Healing Through Creative Writing: Introduction

An introductory course that takes you on a journey of creative healing.

Are you ready for positive change?

Have you been muddling through for far too long, feeling lost in life and tied down by the past? We all go through seasons of life where we are too focused on where we have been rather than where we could go next.

This course has been designed to flex your creative writing muscles as well as help you gently release the past, allowing you to move on with your life with confidence and clarity!

You deserve to heal.

Healing can feel daunting, but this beginner-friendly course will guide you through each and every step. Instead of avoiding any inner pain you might be experiencing, this course teaches you to let go through the power of creativity. Led by Lisa M Billingham, an author, psychic medium and inspirational speaker, you will be in safe hands throughout.

Whatever you choose to write, you are in the driver's seat! Lisa will guide you through character development, plotting and setting, with templates and worksheets included.

Your Teacher

My name is Lisa and I have written two novels. My first novel, Katie, A New Chapter, is loosely based on my own experiences! Writing has helped me heal from my past and move forwards into a happier, healthier life.

My hope is that writing will help you the way it has helped me! During the course, I will share my own experiences and tips for writing your creative piece.

Course curriculum:

Introduction & Welcome

Chapter 1 - Journaling

Chapter 2 - Writer's Notebook

Chapter 3 - Goal Setting

Chapter 4 - Plot

Chapter 5 - People

Chapter 6 - Places

Chapter 7 - Produce

Thank You

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Pricing Plan - Healing Through Creative Writing: Introduction

This course is priced at £197 for the entire course - if you spend two weeks on each Chapter within this course then this works out to be approximately £14 per week!