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'AVD: THE ANTI-VIRAL DIET' Fourth Edition [NEW B&W Paperback]

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[This is the newly revised Black-&-White Paperback format of the 4th Edition of 'AVD'.]


An entire century of research has gone into exploring the potential anti-viral effects of literally hundreds of dietary ingredients found in widely available food as well as in rarer comestibles, some used medicinally for centuries. Thousands of specific inquiries have been launched into the 'antivirality' of foods, investigating:

  • Can consumption of certain foods enable the body to deter some viruses?
  • Can an 'anti-viral diet' increase vaccine efficacy and decrease side effect risks?
  • Can eating specific foods improve responsiveness of the immune system?
  • Is following an 'anti-viral diet' possible for people with allergies?

This New, Revised & Enlarged Fourth Edition of 'AVD: The Anti-Viral Diet' is an extensive report from Phase 1 of the 'AVD Research Program', presenting key findings from the research that has been undertaken, up to the present.

Significantly, this report confirms - among other conclusions - that Adequate Nutritional Status Increases Vaccine Efficacy and Decreases the Probability of Suffering Dangerous Side-Effects from SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines, among others. Over 300 extra pages of up-to-date research is shared in this 2022 edition, revealing how key breakthroughs in Dietetics and Nutritional Science confirm that Inclusion of a Specific Combination of Micronutrients in a Person's Diet Increases Immune System Responsiveness to COVID-19 Vaccines whilst Decreasing Side-Effect Risks - Including Death.

Edouard d'Araille, project lead of Phase 1 of the AVD Research Program at The Academy of the Third Millennium, describes an 'Anti-Viral Diet' as: "A diet whose primary purpose is to counteract viral threats and to optimize the ability of our immune systems to fight off both viruses and viral diseases". He presents, not only a description of the general theory of an 'Anti-Viral Diet' but also the findings from over 2000 scientists and medical researchers in support of the anti-viral and immunomodulatory properties of over 50 well-evidenced ingredients. Selected extracts from 1000 research articles enable a broad range of scientists to speak in their own words about vital discoveries in nutritional immunology and anti-viral dietetics.

POSITIVE NEW FINDINGS in relation to HUMAN DIET & VIRUSES, shared by scientists, include that:

  1. Experimentation and analysis show specific dietary ingredients are able to deter viruses via a spectrum of biochemical mechanisms
  2. Evidence proves that certain ingredients increase the responsiveness and effectivity of the immune system
  3. Combinations of certain micronutrients increase vaccine efficacy and decrease side effect risks from vaccines

Learn more in the 52 Anti-Viral Dietary Ingredient Information Dossiers (with 104 color photographs) and consider the evidence for yourself - at least a dozen corroboratory articles from peer-reviewed journals provided in the case of each ingredient. With each ingredient, it is specified Against Which Viruses it Exhibits Effectiveness, Whether the Ingredient 'Boosts' the Immune System, plus Recommended Daily Allowances are provided.

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