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Free Use Incest 5: Fucking Mom

With this free-use potion, I could have any woman I desired. Any woman. And I did. I had lots of them.

But it was mom - the ultimate taboo - who I really wanted.

Now it was time to take her…


With a shock of red hair, long tanned legs that accentuated a big and juicy ass, and the biggest tits I had ever seen, my mom was smoking hot. At forty-two, she was easily the best looking woman in town — putting the most wanted girls at my college to shame. She seemed to get more attractive with each year that passed, and today, on her forty-second birthday, her attractiveness only grew.

I knew it was sick to think of mom as nothing but a piece of meat to jerk off to, but I’d defy any red-blooded man not to at least feel a twinge in their cock if she was their mother.

I kept my warped fantasy for her a secret, though. I was twenty-two and had first developed a crush on her as soon as I turned eighteen. For three long years I hid my twisted need for her, but lately it started to take a toll on me. I always thought that she was pretty, but when I was ready to plow my horny dick into snug wet pussy, it was mom who I really wanted to get hot and nasty with.

Up until now, I could get myself off to her any time I wanted. But pretty soon masturbation wasn't enough.

I had to take it further in order to truly satisfy my dark and depraved desires.

And further I took it; today, on her birthday, to be precise…

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