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Re-Discover Your Own GPS or Waze of Life ebook

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This ebook covers the 7 Methods of Meditation that helps you with your journey of re-discovering your own GPS or Waze of Life, to help you re-discover your true happy self.

From young, we have been trained to follow other people's way of life.  We place other people's opinion above ours.  We do things based on what other people think is right and best for us.

Going to good schools, universities, working for the best company.  We follow our life path based on the common beliefs of what others think is best.  We achieve success in academics, sports, in work, in business and we even choose our partner or spouse based on what society think is the best.

Over time, other people's expectations that we made our responsibilities take a toll on our body, mind and soul.  We are stressed out by the pressure of meeting so many people's expectations of us, forgetting and letting go of our own expectation and happiness.

This ebook help us stir us back to re-discover our own GPS and waze of life to live our true happy life, through self experiencing with 7 methods of meditation.
You will get a PDF (270KB) file
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