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The Next Girl: A C.T. Ferguson Crime Novel (#8)

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Pretty blonde girls are disappearing across Maryland.

C.T. Ferguson is on the case, but even he might be in over his head.

Ashleigh vanished from her friend’s house. No one knows where she is. The police have no leads. 

C.T. agrees to help her distraught parents. Soon, he learns Ashleigh wasn’t the first girl to go missing.

And she isn’t the last.

Nothing besides similar looks seems to connect the young women. When they start turning up dead, C.T. must race against the clock to find a vicious and unknown killer.

He's desperate to save Ashleigh and the other girls, but can he do it in time?

If not, the next girl to disappear may not be the last.

The Next Girl is the riveting eighth novel in the C.T. Ferguson mystery series.

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