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Woman of Honour

There are many books in the world but amongst them, only a few are full of mysteries.
Woman of Honour is a piece set in pace to unravel the hidden cause behind every successful woman in the tale of mankind. Over time, we have seen how many girl children grow up to become a nonentity which is not the original plans of God for their life.
In this series, the potency of feminism will be converse to you. It isn't a book as many would think. Indeed, it's a formula from the Frontiers of Zion set in space to stir up the girls, ladies and women of these last days.
Allow me to bring you the words of a great woman–Edoh Judith.O

“The very moment I place this book on my fingertips, I began to experience reactions of various kinds taking effect in my bloodstream. I felt with within me; I wasn’t reading an ordinary book other than the compilation of mysteries!
I came to realize more than I knew to be a woman when I read this book. It channels the distinctive and unrevealed knowledge I’ve long for throughout the time I’ve spent in this mortal realm.
When you go through this book, you will come to discover that they are a lot to all you know.
One fascinating thing I find remarkable about this book is that the author communicated it on the platform of Godliness; teaching, revealing, and you know, disclosing the original nature of God to every women, ladies, and even girl child out there. You know what? This edition isn’t for feminist alone but for all. Too, the men can read it irrespective of the theme.
I love the part where he linked an honourable woman to a medic whose job is to inoculate the virtue of godliness in her children, also act as a missionary that will aid the moves of the end-time revival even to the edge of the Earth. With all due respect to the reader of the very mysteries set in place, I have the desire to make a simple request; tell more out there about this book.
God has sent Stephen on a mission to revamp the lost vibes of feminism back into reality. I’m so proud of his achievement at his young age. Amongst all the books he has written so far, he hasn’t done single research. It’s a grace espoused mandate!”

Thank you.
Edoh Judith, Mrs.

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