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Dear Parent - Parenting Tips from a Parent

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Parenting is the most important job in the world and yet it does not come with a parenting manual. Reading this book is like inviting 17 parents to the table to share about their parenting tips and experience. They share about their challenges and how they resolve them.

I wish I had this book when I was a new parent. Take their advice and it will make you a better parent. Get a extra copy of this book for your friends who are new parents. It will be a perfect gift for them.

Here are some of the gems that you'll find in the book:
• Wife and husband clash over the different parenting style
• When children have crazy ideas and they think the parents are too old fashion
• When children throw tantrum to get what they want, what do you do?
• How to teach children to be independent
• What is it like to be a kiasu parent
• What do you do if your child is failing in his grade and you don't believe in tuition
• The experience of raising an adopted son and a foster child at the same time
• The secret of teaching your child to speak properly
• This grandma said that raising kids is like flying a kite
• The confession of a single mom who shared about the struggle and the guilt
• Why breastfeeding is good for your child
• Main reason why most parents are not happy with their children
• Why this father did not believe in tuition
• The ABC parenting formula
• About family rituals and setting boundaries
• The day the daughter gave her father an 'F' in the parenting scoreboard and how it changed his thinking.
• The right and wrong way to praise your child
• Parenting tips from a child!


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