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20 Useful Websites You Should Know In 2021

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The internet is a huge place with billions of websites. Separating out the useful from the needless can be difficult. So, in this super-sized edition in our useful websites series, I’ll be showing you 20 websites in a variety of categories we think are the most useful. All of which are bookmark worthy to make your online life easier. For fun, I’ll have a bonus site for you to check out near the end of this video.

0:00​ Intro
0:27​ Send Notes That Self-Destruct
0:53​ Check If a Website is Down
1:18​ Check If a Service is Down
1:48​ Free Photo Editor
2:11​ Username, and Domain Search
2:46​ Check If Account Has Been Compromised
3:13​ Free HD PNG Images
3:29​ Do-It-Yourself Projects
3:48​ Internet Speed Test
4:10​ Online Screen Capture
4:34​ Find Software Alternatives
4:59​ Free Images to Use Anywhere
5:17​ Find Manuals Online
5:52​ Video Game Lengths
6:18​ TV Show Ratings Graph
6:48​ Security Scanner
7:22​ Recipes By Ingredient
7:45​ Automatic Meal Planner
8:13​ Free PDF Editor and Form Filler
8:30​ Statistics Portal
8:54​ Bonus Site

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