There Is A Cure For Cancer

  Cancer alone does not kill. What you don't know about cancer kills. This Ebook tells about a curative treatment that either cures one of cancer or sends the cancer into remission. This is not about embryonic stem cells. This is not about fetal abortion.

  This Ebook gives a list of US facilities that provide this Miracle treatment.

  Chemotherapy, and radiation are failing, and the high death rate from cancer is proof of that.

  Millions died without knowing that a cure existed.

  In 1988, a 5 year old boy from N.C. received this Revolutionary treatment when he developed a deadly blood cancer. Today, at age 33, he remains cured, and in good health. You will meet him face to face in the Chapter about pioneers.

  This treatment has cured thousands or sent them into remission. Now it is your turn to become a survivor. What price can you place on your health or your life.?!

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