Parent Coaching [ 2 month session package]

This can be for a Court Order, such as during a divorce, personal Coaching for everyday coaching issues meets twice a week for the first month and once a week for the second month 12 (60 min sessions) Parents who want to get on the “same page,” and are in need of a plan. Parents who are starting to see troubling behaviors in their kids and don’t know what to do. Parents who are discouraged by the endless cycle of misbehavior-punish-misbehavior-punish, and can feel their kids hearts turning away from them. Parents who see their child developing a negative self-identity in response to struggling with misbehavior.

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Pay in Full


This is a one time payment for 2 months and 12 (60 min sessions)
Payment Options


300 Monthly for 2 Months
125 monthly for 6 Months


125 monthly for 3 Months Total $750