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the complete archive of Ling Anderson's banned youtube videos vol. 1

Even though Ling Anderson's youtube channel had been banned, everything that had been said has been written down in more detail and permanently record in print in the following books:

My Miserable Life, an Asian boy Growing up in America
(also available as pdf)

Journey through a Tortured Mind, a Philosophical Novel on Love

(also available as pdf

List of videos included in this archive

de rham cohomology.mp4 (152.8 mb)

limits of reason.mp4 (151.2 mb)

religiosity and science.mp4 (148.9 mb)

my sister.mp4 (128.9 mb)

why philosophy is full of bullshit9.webm (124 mb)

pay for thaad or gooks get nuked.mp4 (112.7 mb)

love of women lowest form of love.mp4 (111.2 mb)

white man is our only hope2.mp4 (110.7 mb)

asian the feminine race.mp4 (109.1 mb)

having wife and family is the happiest.mp4 (104 mb)

asian mgtow should just transition.mp4 (85.4 mb)

metaphysics of descartes.webm (85.3 mb)

reading mein kampf: why hitler hated jews.webm (82.6 mb)

diversity.webm (81.2 mb)

There are white people in china.webm (80.8 mb)

the weak are always more intelligent.webm (80.5 mb)

You will get the following files:

  • MP4 (153MB)
  • MP4 (151MB)
  • MP4 (149MB)
  • MP4 (129MB)
  • WEBM (124MB)
  • MP4 (113MB)
  • MP4 (111MB)
  • MP4 (109MB)
  • MP4 (111MB)
  • MP4 (104MB)
  • MP4 (85MB)
  • WEBM (85MB)
  • WEBM (83MB)
  • WEBM (81MB)
  • WEBM (81MB)
  • WEBM (81MB)

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