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A New Year, New Start, New Beginning....

Release and disconnect from the past year, and leap forward with ease into the New Year!
10 Journal prompts for the past year, 10 Journal prompts for the new year, 
Clearing script & 30+ Declarations

*Want the declarations only click here:

Going into a new year can bring up so many emotions of such a wide variety. From regret and shame for the past year, to sadness of things not achieved, to hope and a big sigh of relief that it is a "new start" and what you wanted will finally happen in the new year.

Regardless of what this past year meant to you, we don't want to bring anything into the new year with us. That includes triggers, trauma, lack of self  confidence, lack of self esteem, fear, regret, etc.

Use these journal prompts to acknowledge and work through what you are holding onto from this last year, then use the clearing script to clear out the energy and connect to new empowering beliefs.

The declaration list is an added bonus to boost your new mindset for the new year!

I believe you can receive everything you desire and I want you to as well. Here is to you and the New Year, that it may be everything you desire it to be.
~Love Aimee

"This is exactly what I needed in order to start the new year with the best mindset possible. As usual, the journal prompts make you dig deep, but that is where the magic happens. Aimee knows exactly what questions to ask. I was extremely emotional reading and tapping through the clearing script, I could feel something shifting inside of me. The pain and anguish from this last year began to melt away and it was replaced by hope, excitement and curiosity for what my future holds! This completely surprised me, in the best way possible. It was like breathing fresh air reading through the declarations, and I will continue to use them on a regular basis. It has been a tough last year for me and I have been so nervous that I would not see any change in the new year, but after working through the packet I am filled with gratitude for my past and confidence in moving forward. I know without a doubt that anything is possible for me! I am so grateful to have this packet, I truly believe it has set me up to create the best year of my life so far."

"The New Year packet is simply wonderful. The journal prompts for the past year brought up obvious stuff I knew I was holding on to and needed to let go of but wasn't quite ready to process or feel the emotions behind it. The journal prompts for the new year brought up so much I hadn't even connected that I was holding on to still, let alone holding me back (and probably a lot of what sabotaged this year for me!). The last prompt was so perfect for transitioning from releasing the past to looking forward to the future. I really enjoyed the clearing script, and the declarations were just the cherry on top. Thanks so much Aimee! "
"Wow Aimee, Once again your words are inspired. I love how this packet is in general for whatever the goals may be. I am feeling so much more at peace at what I didn't accomplish this past year and feel so much hope about my money, relationship and weight goals going forward. PLUS I now actually believe I can have them after the clearing script and declarations. Thank you so much Aimee!"

"Every packet I receive from Aimee I feel is better than the last and that it can’t get better for MY situation, but she always proves me wrong! This new year packet is so ideal for everyone! We all have things that can hold us back from being our best, but typically I find myself confused as to why I am stuck in my comfort zone. The New Year pack really helped me figure that out, and piece parts together that help me let go of the baggage that’s going to keep me from moving forward in 2019! I’m excited to continue to use this to help me transition into a new year without the weight of the old year hangin on!"
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