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Fucking My Two Dumb, Blonde Bimbo Sisters Part 1 & 2

Another day and my two dumb blonde, bimbo sisters were arguing again. This time about which of them had the bigger breasts. Jasmine thought that because she was older, she automatically had the bigger boobs. Barbie argued that her breasts only looked smaller because she was taller.

Mom had enough of their bullshit and convinced their dim brains that I would settle the argument once and for all.


Part 1 - Fucking my two bimbo sisters at the same time
Part 2 - Mom wants her turn…

God, just when I thought my two sisters couldn't get any dumber.

Mom and I were trying to eat a peaceful meal together when Jasmine and Barbie crashed into the kitchen arguing about who had the bigger breasts.

"I was born first!" Dumb 19-year-old Jasmine stuck out her tongue. "That means my breasts are bigger!"

"Nuh uh!" 18-year-old Barbie countered. "I'm taller, so that means that my breasts just look smaller."

Mom looked at me and sighed.

Same circus, same clowns, different shit, different day.

I'd got the distinct impression that she'd had enough of that shit.

As the shouting reached epic proportions, mom finally interjected.

"Girls. Girls. There's only one way to properly settle this argument." She looked at me with a devilish grin on her pretty face.

"Oh?" Jasmine haughtily folded her arms under her breasts, pushing them up.

"Yeah, what?"

"You're simply going to have to let your brother decide." She said smugly with a twinkle in her eyes.

"What?" They both shouted in unison.

"But mom!" Barbie protested. "He's...our brother!"

She smiled and looked at me. "Yes, but he's also a guy. One who likes boobs. Right, Mark?" She patted my hand and winked.

I saw exactly where this was going.

"Uh, yes. Very much so. Both of you girls seem to have large, beautiful breasts. It would be a shame if you went your whole lives not knowing whose was larger."

The two dumb blondes looked at each other sceptically. I could see the (slow) gears grinding in their blonde heads and they both shrugged.

"Well, I guess if mom says it's okay..." Jasmine looked at her mother who nodded.

Like I said, Jasmine and Barbie were as dumb as a box of rocks.

But that just made my cock jump harder in my pants.

"You sure you're okay with this, Mark?" Mom pretended to be concerned. "The girls need to understand that what you say, goes."

"I don't know..." I stood and paced the kitchen, looking at my dumb sisters. "Their breasts look VERY close to the same size. I'm going to really have to do some deep inspection."

The girls' faces clouded over.

I turned to mom. "I might have to take...other things into account."

Mom grinned as we played along with our little game.

"You mean like studying other parts of their bodies?"

I nodded. "Girls are much more than just the sum of their breasts. Like, how do they kiss?"

Mom nodded. "Yes, yes. You have my full permission to study every part of your sisters' bodies." She looked up at Barbie and Jasmine. "Now you girls let your brother do whatever he wants to you." Her voice deepened as a stern frown crossed her face. "Don't let me hear that you refused him anything, is that understood?"

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