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EPUB: Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed: Help and Hope for Adults in the Family Scapegoat Role

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Healing and recovery can begin when our pain is acknowledged and validated...

Were you repeatedly bullied, shamed, blamed, or rejected by a parent, sibling, or other relative growing up or as an adult? Have you felt that your concerns about how certain family members were treating you were invalidated or dismissed, perhaps even by helping professionals or friends you counted on to understand?

In this comprehensive introductory guide, psychotherapist Rebecca C. Mandeville (who coined the term 'family scapegoating abuse' / FSA) clearly identifies scapegoating as a form of psycho-emotional abuse while providing a means of understanding why dysfunctional families 'reject, shame, and blame' one of their own. Via psycho-education, self-assessment tools, and practical steps and strategies, the abusive and traumatizing aspects of family scapegoating are clearly established while ways to dis-identify and recover from the 'family scapegoat' narrative are explored. 'Links of Interest' for further reading and education are included within each chapter and in the book's 'Afterword' and 'Resource' section.

In these pages you'll discover:

How to recognize and identify family scapegoating abuse (FSA) signs and symptoms
Why scapegoated individuals have difficulty finding help
How complex trauma (C-PTSD), betrayal trauma, and toxic shame impede FSA recovery
Why the family 'Empath' can end up scapegoated
How to establish boundaries if your trauma response is 'fawning'
How to recover and realign with your 'true self'

This life is the only one you'll have, and your story is precious and unique. If you're struggling to understand family scapegoat dynamics and want to recover and reclaim your 'true self' identity and release the 'scapegoat story' for good, this book's for you.

FSA Self-Assessment is included but should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

Clinicians and Coaches may also find this introductory book helpful. Please read the 'Afterword' for more information and resources.

“A much needed adjunct to the Family Systems model. Validating for those who have been impacted by family scapegoating dynamics. Mandeville provides a solid pathway for recovering from this kind of abuse. Recommended reading for those suffering in the family scapegoat role as well as Mental Health professionals.“

– Shellie Krick, MSW

Those who appreciate reading about healing from the effects of Dysfunctional or Toxic Families; Narcissistic Abuse; Narcissistic Families; Complex Trauma (C-PTSD); Dysfunctional Family Dynamics; Multigenerational Trauma; Empaths; (the) Highly Sensitive Person (HSP); Child Abuse; Bullying; and Adult Survivors of Child Abuse will likely appreciate this book.

Editorial Reviews

"This much-needed work by Rebecca C. Mandeville provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of Family Scapegoating and serves as a starting point for survivor awareness and further research for professionals if they want to begin filling in the gaps for this misunderstood and underserved community.  The author also offers steps to healing with a great measure of compassion."

- Lisa Marie Campagnoli, CRTC, RYT-200, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach 

"A much needed adjunct to the Family Systems model. Recommended for professional and laypeople." 

-Shellie Krick, MSW

TABLE OF CONTENTS (162 pages in Print Form]

1. The Invisible Wounds of the Scapegoat Child 
2. Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) Self-Test 
3. 16 Experiences Common to FSA Survivors 
4. FSA Survivors and Disenfranchised Grief 
5. FSA and Complex Trauma (C-PTSD) 
6. Lily: A Case Study 
7. Scapegoating as Family Betrayal 
8. Multigenerational Trauma and the Family
9. The Trauma Response of ‘Fawning’ 
10. Releasing the ‘Family Scapegoat’ Story 
11. The Development of the False Self
12. Recovering the True Self Lost in Childhood 
13. How ‘Toxic Shame’ Interferes with Recovery 
14. Unique Challenges of FSA Recovery 
About the Author 
Family Scapegoating Abuse Survey 
Permissions Statement 

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