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CYCLES : An Autobiography (The Life and Work of a Sculptor) - by Edward BAINBRIDGE-COPNALL

From world acclaimed sculptor Bainbridge Copnall (the author of 'A Sculptor's Manual') comes a revealing Autobiography, a story of passion and determination, of courage and conviction.

"I only know that I try to translate my joy of creating something into terms that can be easily understood by my fellow creatures." Edward Bainbridge Copnall

More about this Book: Never before published, this autobiography of Edward Bainbridge Copnall, painter and sculptor, takes us deep inside the story of his life and the production of his many artistic works. We learn of his earliest infancy in South Africa, his childhood in Liverpool and Horsham, his student days at Goldsmith's and at the Royal Academy Schools, as well as his first employment in the portrait studio of his "Uncle Frank". This self-told story charts his ascent from local artist to renowned master, telling us how he moved from painting to sculpture, and clearly showing how all the stages of his creation interconnect. However, this book talks of far more than just creative work, revealing to us many details about his family life, including his relationship with his wife Muriel as well as the birth of his three children. In addition, a very significant part of the text is devoted to chronicling his involvement in camouflage activity during the Second World War, where his artistic genius was applied in new ways, both in England and in the African Desert. Beyond that, the author also manages to introduce us to dozens of fascinating social situations, as also to his very passionate involvement with the game of rugby through several decades. One can only be inspired by the story of this creatively limitless artist, who says that : "It seems that there is nothing beyond the capabilities of most human beings' will to do, if they have the courage to learn by their mistakes when attempting the seemingly impossible." - This Autobiography closes with the successful casting of a Buddha sculpture in Burma, an event which was of great significance in the creative life of this great artist. Edward Bainbridge Copnall was Past President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Extra Features of this Volume: Includes 17 images (black and white/colour) of his works, both completed and in progress. Also includes several Portraits of the artist at work, as well a Final Portrait of the artist from 1972. Includes a Publisher's Preface and a Special Addenda bonus chapter.

An Extract (from 'Ch. 1 - African Genesis'): "Yes, I suppose I was always a lonely child, but why I do not really know, except that my mother died when I was two and I was left in the hands of my then very busy Godparents, Ethel and Burlingham White, my father only visiting me occasionally.
My Godparents, who lived in a bungalow near the shore of Rosebank, South Africa, a childless couple themselves, were kind enough to me, but were rather terrifying to a small child. I can remember my Godmother's anger when I, through lack of early training, I suppose, persisted in leaving my visiting cards, in truly "doggy" manner, in many of the corners of the bungalow!
South Africa, to a lonely child, was at that time full of adventures and surprises, and I responded to any sort of connection with coloured men, animals, and even snakes, although in the case of the latter I was warned heavily on my little pink bottom if I ever wandered in glee towards anything moving or colourful. The world of enchantment was beginning for me.
My father had come to South Africa with the idea of joining the army at the time of the Boer War, but, meeting his fate in the form of my mother, he decided to skip the dangers of an African campaign and to settle down as a photographer with his new wife. I have always instinctively been rather hurt at this as it would have been wonderful in my early days to have been able to boast of a father's outstanding military career. Instead of that I have felt a bit ashamed, and from time to time have invented that career for him."

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