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Witchy Planner 2023

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Witchy Planner Printable 2023

Witchy planner printable pages, print yourself witches planner for 2023. Ink saver design, print in A5 or A4 for UK and USA. The ultimate witch journal for your Grimoire

This witches planner contains 30 beautiful printable pages for your 2023 planner or grimoire; original artwork with an enchanting, witch aesthetic. Plan your magickal year with the witchy planner. Your printable planner will contain the following journal pages:

- 2023 Mini year calendar (2022 version Included)
- 2023 Full moon calendar (2022 version Included)
- Weekly planner
- Habit Tracker
- Yearly goal planner
- Blank lined paper
- 12 x monthly calendar pages for January to December (blank so they can be re-used year after year)
- 13 x monthly Moon Magick manifestation worksheets for the 13 moon cycles of 2023. These pages span across multiple months to reflect the actual beginning of the moon cycle (Jan to Feb, etc). Includes moon phase dates and astrological correspondence.

Witch planner pages have an ink saver design for easy black and white printing. The pages come in A4 or US Letter size, but can be printed in A5 if you configure your printer to print two pages per A4 sheet.

Manifest with the moon, plan your witchy Wicca year and keep track of your habits with this witchy printable. Organise your life in style and take control of 2023 by using the your witch journal to plan ahead and keep tabs on moon phases.

Please note this is a digital download; you will not receive a physical item.

For personal use only.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (47MB)
  • PDF (53MB)

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