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Magic In Your Message Course

Hello! Welcome to Magic In Your Message Course, a digital course consisting of 7 Modules of videos, audios and worksheets. 




Please click into the Overview for each module and follow the guidance from there. 


All components are downloadable and can be saved to your own devices, but it is recommended that all material is downloaded to a PC/Mac so that the files can be fully visible.

The schedule of the coursde is as follows: 


Module 1 – Intention + Inspiration

 + set yourself clear intentions about what you want to accomplish throughout this process

 + understand how those doing what you aspire to do can help you gain clarity and inspiration for your own message

 + begin to get a sense of how you want your online presence to be felt


Module 2 – Spiritual Alignment

+ understand why you feel so passionately about your message and know that it is your PURPOSE to serve it and 

+ learn how your own inner guidance will be your biggest tool to success

+ begin to believe 100% that YOU ARE THE MAGIC that makes your message so super special!


Module 3 – Mental Alignment

+ make any necessary shifts in your mindset to allow you to see your message as a means to earn your living 

 + gain clarity about who your audience are and how you will communicate with them

+ get specific about what you want your business to look like by creating a crystal clear vision for it


Module 4 – Emotional Alignment

+ begin to uncover any blocks that have been holding you back from fully serving your message

+ start to heal any old stories and limiting beliefs that have made you feel unworthy of being that magical messenger that you are

+ learn some amazing tools and techniques that will help you to stay emotionally aligned with your purpose to serve the message to the world


Module 5 – Physical Alignment

+ decide what how you will serve your audience; what products and services will you offer

+ learn how to design and create a simple programme or course that you can begin to sell immediately

+ know how you can use social media and a range of other tools to put your message out to your audience easily and regularly.


Module 6 – Implementation

+ time to start putting it all into action!


Module 7 – Insights

+ reflect on what you have learned

+ ask for and reflect on feedback from others 

+ create a ‘Next Steps’ plan...


I hope that you thoroughly enjoy the course and if you have any queries please contact me at 




Love Kirsty

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (274KB)
  • MP3 (1MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (2MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • PDF (184KB)
  • PDF (279KB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • PDF (164KB)
  • PDF (270KB)
  • MP3 (852KB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • PDF (279KB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (5MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • PDF (171KB)
  • PDF (269KB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (6MB)
  • MP3 (928KB)
  • PDF (217KB)
  • PDF (111KB)
  • PDF (278KB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • MP3 (771KB)
  • PDF (162KB)
  • PDF (268KB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • MP3 (896KB)
  • PDF (162KB)

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