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Sea Horse Lodge (Sea Horse Ranch: Book Two)

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Return to Hell and Dammit Cay with your friends for a new adventure in the Florida Keys.

Fulfilling a dream for a friend? That's all in a day's work for Katie, who (almost) single-handedly saved Sea Horse Ranch and Hell and Dammit Cay from ruination. So when the island's resident old salt, Marchant, has a brush with death that leaves him longing to satisfy some of his long-deferred desires, Katie is on the job.

But while she's scaring up help from some new residents on Cutlass Key, her boyfriend Lou is dealing with troubles of his own. Lou's dad has heard about the success of their artist colony project, and when he turns up looking for a cut of the action, his arrival shocks Crystal and sends Lou running for the anonymity of Key West -- right when he's supposed to be working on his new album with Katie!

Now Katie's work is doubled -- no, tripled -- she has to keep Sea Horse Ranch going, help Marchant start a sailboat hotel (of all things) and reconcile Lou and his time to get their album recorded.

Can she bring everyone on Hell and Dammit Cay together one more time? Katie's sure going to try. That's the thing about finding home -- you don't give up on it easy, even when things get tough.

Head home to the Keys and spend time with your favorite Conchs in this second installment of Sea Horse Ranch!

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2 months ago

Sea Horse Lodge

Return to Hell and Dammit Cay … a much more charming place than the name would indicate!

The story follows Katie, her boyfriend Lou and the colourful characters introduced in The Sea Horse Ranch. In order to save the Cay from developers Katie spearheaded the charge to develop a monthly art and music festival and artist’s colony with weekly shows to bring in tourist dollars and awareness. Though the venture was very successful, Katie wasn’t aware that she herself would be expected to remain the organizer and caretaker of the events AND participants on an ongoing basis. In short Katie has become the unpaid caretaker of the Cay.

Though she loves all that she does and the people of Hell and Dammit, it weighs upon her too and Katie is getting itchy feet and thinks of moving on. Her love of the people of the Cay and Lou (who also often gets itchy feet and has a history of running away from the Cay) anchor her to her circumstances in both positive and negative ways. She is trying to make a music album with Lou to fulfill her dream of becoming more than a back up singer, but when he finds out that his estranged father is returning to the Cay, Lou leaves to avoid facing him and his deep seeded abandonment issues. Katie is torn between her duties on Hell and Dammit, her desire to stay with Lou to make music and her itchy feet to move on to new places.

You have to read the book to see how it ends!

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