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Virgin Flowers: 10 Story Bundle


It’s hot as hell outside. A perfect day for a dip in the pool, followed by a very long soak in the sun while I finish my assigned reading.

I honestly feel like it’s isn’t fair how I have this gorgeous house with these equally gorgeous twin swimming pools in the middle of my huge backyard. I’m the only person I know that has a pool, let alone two, and my mom and I had to move way out to the mountains to be able to afford this place.

But it’s more than worth the brutal commute to school, at least for me. Sure, it’s hard to get people to come over, but when they do, we definitely make the most of it.

This weekend will be the first time that my mother has left me alone in this place. She’s a very famous artist as well as the owner of some very successful art galleries and, while she travels around the country to visit several properties that she’s considering purchasing, I will be responsible for making sure that nothing bad happens to her pretty mountain palace.

My mother always lectures me about how she basically lived in a shoebox growing up and how she had to work so hard and put up with so much bullshit to be able to own a house like this blah blah blah and how I need to appreciate it and not take it for granted blah blah blah. It all translates to the same thing to me, which is basically that she will murder me in my sleep if even a single thing breaks or is otherwise ruined, while she’s gone.

But, it isn’t leaving the house to me that I’m concerned about, it’s the fact that she’s also letting her male friend stay at the house while she’s away that has me so worried. He’s been here for a few days already, but now it’s only the two of us, and, honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that.

My mother and he and have been friends forever, and I know that she’s always had a crush on him, but that he’s never made a move on her. The problem with all of this is that he has been making it obvious that he’d like to make a move on me.

* * *

I walk over to the window in my bedroom and stare down at the swimming pools. I’m in a very revealing, hot pink velvet two-piece bikini, and I don’t know what will happen if I walk out there to lounge all day in the sun, because he’s already out there right now swimming laps.

He steps out of the water, and his muscles tense as he yanks himself high up over the chrome-colored ladder, the sun perfectly hitting the many muscles covering his tall, ripped torso. His charcoal hair looks silver as the sunlight beams down over it, and this is the only thing about his appearance that reminds me that he is as old as my mother, because he has the fitness level and body of a much younger man.

Mom’s friend makes me so nervous that when I look down at my fingertips as they clutch the windowsill, I see that they’re trembling.

He’s so attractive, and yet I could never betray my mother by letting him do anything with me. Even though they aren’t in a relationship or anything, it wouldn’t be right.

But, I also don’t like being made to feel like a prisoner in my own house, so, as well as feeling timid, I also feel a little angry that he’s here. What the hell was my mom thinking? How could she not see how he’s been looking at me since he arrived at our home?

It’s crazy how my mother is so much more intelligent than I am but misses some of the simplest things that are right in front of her face.

Mom’s friend looks up and sees me watching him from the window, giving me a wry smile that’s dripping with arrogance.

Fuck, even that turns me on. Why couldn’t he have been any other guy? Why does he have to be the one man that my mom has crushed on for over half her life?!

I walk away from the window and collapse onto the bed.

Fuck, this is going to be an extremely difficult weekend…

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