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The Power of Starting Small: The Seed of Greatness

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Do you have a small business, church, dream etc and you are on the verge of giving up, thinking it will never become great?

The Bible says don't despise the days of Small beginning.'

When you do, then you won't see the great days that that dream or whatever small thing is in your hand.

I know building something from scratch can be very tiring, exhausting with different challenges brewing and you wonder when will it all end?

What will help you is to know that there are stages in life and when you know that stage, it will birth hope in you to stay on.

Fire doesn't destroy a treasure, rather it refines it to shine brighter and bigger, becoming more expensive in the end.

This is what this ebook will do for you, give you hope and words of encouragement to help you keep building no matter what, showing you the different stages of Greatness and how to connect with and to each stage, so you are able to nurture, cultivate and breathe into that smallness in your hand, for if your mum hasmd despised you and aborted you at conception, you won't be the man or woman you are today

Don't kill that dream. cultivate it, breathe into it. Give it the chance to live and it will grow into what you want it to be and be proud of who you would have become.

This ebook also has a bonus to help you by giving you the 10 habits of self made millionaires.

Get the above and more from this powerful, amazing and transformation book today and share your amazing story line with me through the review.

See you in the book
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