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Mother Son Dressing Room 3: Milking My Lactating Mother In The Dressing Room

Until I knocked mom up and began drinking down her creamy, rich, mother's milk, I didn't even know I had a lactation fetish.


Until I knocked mom up and began drinking down her creamy, rich, mother's milk, I didn't even know I had a lactation fetish.

Mom had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was the light of our lives.

It had been a few months since either of us had banged - you know how it is after birth. Mom was starting to get horny again and was itching for another one.

Even though we hadn't been banging like rabbits, she gave me all the rich, motherly cream I could possibly want. It got to the point that I didn't need to eat anything else, I was getting all the nourishment I needed from mom's breasts.

"Just for old-time's sake?" She grinned. "I can get Kathy over her to watch the little one..."

My eyes widened comically and my cock threatened to bust out of my jeans at mom's words.

"Really? You ready?"

She nodded, then added. "Mike, I think I'm fertile again. Want a second?"

Oh God. I groaned and my cock surged at the thought of mom getting knocked up with my seed again. Images of her pumpkin-sized belly and soft-ball-sized cunt engulfing my throbbing shaft made me nearly faint.

"I'll take that as a yes." She laughed, squeezed my cock and dialed her friend up.

Half an hour later, we were in a different city in a high-end clothing boutique. We were going to have to watch our step here. If there was any hint of hanky-panky, they'd kick us out in a heartbeat.

I'd never been so excited and nervous before. Even that first time felt like nothing compared to this.

Getting to knock mom up in a fancy-schmancy upscale place was the most daring thing we'd done.

The moment we were in the shop, mom made sure the coast was clear and waved me inside. We giggled, then shut and locked the door.

This was the first time we'd really been alone since the birth. It had been a hectic time and sleep was not on the menu.

But we were both wide awake then.

Mom's body hadn't fully returned to her pre-pregnancy state, but she was every bit as gorgeous as I remembered.

In fact, her body still had that motherly shape and she shone with her brilliance.

"Look at these!" She giggled and showed me her leaky, dripping shirt. "I can't leave them alone for five minutes!"

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