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A Strange Night

Table of contents
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Chapter five
Chapter six
Chapter seven
Chapter eight
Chapter nine




It was a cold night. John was driving his car on a silent road. His speed was 50 miles per hour. There was silence everywhere. Different types of thoughts were running in his mind. Suddenly he saw a lion sitting on the side of the road.


There were no fences on the sides of road and John was not aware of the exact location as he was driving without any reason. He stopped his car close to the lion. He saw that the lion was sleeping and its size was huge.


He was afraid and thinking about what must be done. John opened the door and the noise resulted in waking up of the lion. John was afraid and he closed the door with a loud sound. The lion was active now and coming close to the car. John locked all the doors of the car and remained still.


Lion came close to the door of John and saw him. Then the lion started to take a close look of the car and took a circle around the car. Lion jumped on the car and planned to sleep on the roof. John also decided to sleep in the car and thought that the lion would be gone in the morning.


After some hours the sun was rising and John thought that the lion is gone. John noticed that there was something on the roof. He saw on the roof and noticed that the lion was gone but the waste was present on the roof. Bad smell was coming and the vision was bad. John took a bottle of water and used a cloth for cleaning the roof.


Then he started to move towards the town for taking some rest in his house as he was not able to sleep due to lion on the roof. John came to his house and saw that the things were not in place and scattered here and there.


He looked closely and noticed that many items were missing. John became afraid and thought that some thieves were in his house when he was away. He decided to call the police to make investigation.


“Hello. I am John.”


“I want to tell about a theft at my home last night.”

“What is address?”



Police came on his call and checked the details and the place. Police told John that last night there were some thieves running through the town and police was chasing them.


“I came to my house late in night and found the things were not in place.”

“There were some thieves in this area and we were chasing them.”

“They must be hiding in my home.”



Thieves were hiding in some place and police was not able to capture them. It was obvious that the thieves were hiding in his house. John was very upset and thought that how the thieves were aware that he was not in the house. John was not able to point out the exact person who gave this information to the thieves as he had no good relations with many people due to his attitudes.

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