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NAT-3 Naturalization Abstracts H - K

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This register is a series of abstracts detailing the naturalization process of those seeking citizenship in the McLean County Circuit Court.  Besides the person’s name and the record source, the entries may include the type of event and date; country of origin; witnesses; date and entry of port; mode of transportation; place of previous applications; date and place of birth and/or marriage, names of spouses, children, parents; military service; addresses and occupations.

148 pages with 1,977 entries and 729 names
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MB-1 McLean County Birth Records 1860 - 1879


NAT-1 Naturalization Abstracts A-C


Nat 1-7 Naturalization Abstracts Volomes 1 thru 7


Nat-7 Naturalization Abstracts T - Z


Nat-6 Naturalization Abstracts "S"


NAT-2 Naturalization Abstract D - G


MSC 1 McLean County Voters Who Petitioned for Sale of School Lands and Purchasers of The Lots 1831-1875


Nat-5 Naturalization Abstracts N - R


Nat-4 Naturalization Abstracts L - M