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Bliss River: The Complete Series (Audio)

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Narrated by Jason Clarke, Connor Crais and Lili Valente

Three Steamy Small Town Romances. Three sisters, three swoon-worthy heroes, three feel good happily ever afters. Contains the entire Bliss River series as well as the bonus novella, The Love Bug.


There she is, Lark March. Somehow even more beautiful than I remember. This overdue apology is one I’ve rehearsed since the day I left Bliss River, positive I'd never be good enough for the only girl I've ever loved. It took a lot of time and therapy, but I finally managed to fix what my family broke. And now I’m here to repair what I broke.

I know Lark. She’ll see this second chance as a no-strings fling, a way to get closure and move on. Right. Like it’s that easy. You don’t move on from a woman like Lark. And I’m pretty sure a clothing-optional arrangement will make that infinitely more impossible.

Still, it’s a start—a way for Lark to see the man I’ve become. A man who's looking for some much more than a fling.


Did I really just agree to a marriage of convenience with Aria March? With the one human who drives me crazier than anyone ever has, and the mother of undoubtedly the cutest toddler ever?

The woman whose prick of an ex-husband makes me want to aim my service weapon at his head?

Yes. Yes, I did. And that’s how we end up tying the knot at the courthouse.

This all started as a way to help Aria keep custody of her kid. But when the lines blur and playing house becomes something I don’t ever want to give up, playtime is over. Now it’s time I convince my prickly bride to fall in love with me (again).


For such a good girl, Melody March sure knows how to get us both in hot water. What the hell was I thinking when I kissed her? It’s been a month now and I still can’t get it—or her—out of my head. There are too many reasons I shouldn’t get close to her. Her sister is my boss, for one, and I need my day job until my tattoo shop gets off the ground. She's also the town sweetheart, and I'm in for hell if I get on her bad side.

But, it’s no use. No other woman registers for me anymore. It’s cute, funny, beautiful-inside-and-out sweetness or nothing at all. 

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