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Slow Demons (The Adventures of Hanover and Singh #2)

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Studying the precise art of chronology, scientist Luise Hanover is in the process of manipulating time.

As her work attracts the interest of foreign powers, Luise is drawn into a fast-paced and chaotic world of shadowy alliances, exotic characters and the madly competitive world of steamracing.

In the shadows and on the streets of London, Luise turns to the only person she can truly trust, Hari Singh and his sulky hawk, Shahin.

Slow Demons is a Steampunk Adventure set in London in the 1850s full of weird machines, exotic characters, dirt, engine grease and demons. If you enjoy the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker or A.W. Exley’s Artifact Hunters, you’re sure to enjoy the Steampunk Adventures of Hanover & Singh.

Pick up Slow Demons and fire up your steamracer today!
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